About me

I currently do genealogical research for clients and work one-on-one with aspiring genealogists who want to improve their skills.  My articles have been published in the Association of Professional Genealogists Quarterly, and I lecture up and down the West Coast.


I entered the field of genealogy after a twenty-year career as a professional writer.  My interest in family history began when my daughter grew curious about her father's side of the family. With little information to go on, I set off to discover what I could. Before long, I was hooked. 


What started as a hobby became more serious when a woman who was recovering from a devastating family tragedy asked for my help. She hoped that learning more about her ancestors would be healing, and thankfully, it did turn out to be helpful.


Each client's journey into the past is personal. Some come to me out of curiosity, or because they need documentation for a project or application, or because they want to give a gift; others come for something more personal. Whatever the reason may be, I always consider it a great privilege to be invited to participate.


My ongoing genealogical training has taken me all over the United States for conferences, intensive classes and workshops, and for research. My education has included annual intensive courses at the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy and the Genealogical Institute of Pittsburgh, participation in a Master Genealogical Proof study group,  and conferences offered by the National Genealogical Society, the Federation of Genealogical Societies, the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies, the Southern California Genealogical Society's Jamboree, and the Northwest Genealogy Conference.  I've also attended innumerable lectures, classes, and regional conferences in the Pacific Northwest and California, and lectured there as well.