Generations Genealogy Services


Every research project is personal and unique. I confer with my clients and together we define the project goal and scope. Whether you want a very special gift for someone you love or to obtain a specific piece of information, your project will be carefully researched and thoughtfully prepared. 


  • Family History Research 

Tracing your ancestry, whether you need a particular piece of information or want to discover generations of ancestors from hundreds of years ago.


  • Family History Biographies

Beyond dates and places, a narrative brings the story of you ancestor to life, from short biographical sketches to full-length family histories. 


  • Genealogy Presentations

Unique lectures featuring engaging PowerPoint presentations with vivid graphics.  These are designed to appeal to genealogy novices as well as experienced researchers.  All-day and half-day seminars and hands-on workshops are also available.


  • Transcription of old documents

Get help deciphering hard-to-read historical records from an expert who teaches others how to do it.


  • House Histories

Exploring deeds and other genealogical records to learn about your home and about the people who once lived where you live today.


  • Assisting with Research You Do Yourself

Want to do your own ancestral research? I can help you get started, create a research strategy, and provide guidance along the way as you need it.


  • Reunions

Creating custom family history presentations and activities for reunions, from PowerPoint presentations with family photographs and music to personalized scrapbook pages that each of your guests can help to create.



Please feel free to inquire about the other genealogical services not listed here.